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I posted this on my blog,, and wanted to share it with you guys.
Nikon D5100

Type: Digital single lens refractive

Effective Pixels: 16.9 million

Reflector mirror:Quick return

Speed: 1/4000 to 30 seconds

Iso: 100 to 6400

Memory card: SD

    First of all, I have to say the difference between my D70, D70s, and the new to me D5100 is amazing. I do realize that the D5100 has been out for some time, and that its kinda odd to be doing a review of a camera that has been reviewed when it first came out, but, this is more for all you aspiring photographers that need to buy used and older cameras.

    The first thing I noticed when picking up the D5100 is how much lighter and smaller it is than my older two cameras. Even with my 62mm 18-180mm lens it sits light and comfortable at my side, with little to no bounce. The small and light camera allowed me to quickly grab it and bring it up quickly for action shots.

    Along with being light and maneuverable, the back screen can flip out, almost like a handy cam. With a quick lever pull next to the mode knob you can switch the back screen from showing you your aperture, iso and shutter speed to becoming your view finder. I was hesitant to use the rear screen as a view finder at first, but my opinion on that changed as it made lining up quick shots easier and allowed me to get a full range of my surroundings not in front of the lens.

     It's probably obvious, but the quality of photos is night and day. I have shot plenty of day shots, but the real difference I found is the long exposure shots. Smooth, crisp shots with little to almost no dead pixels. There is even an IR remote sensor on both the front and rear of the camera, so I no longer have to risk my hand in a shot trying to get the remote to activate my shutter. You can see my first run with the camera with long exposure here: under the Sithpool Maul shoot.

    Price. Price is really important to someone just getting started. The D70 I picked up with 2 lenses, 2 batteries and a bag for 150. My Nikon D70s full spectrum conversion cost me 180 with just the body. A new 24mp D3400 is around 500, which was the camera I was originally saving up for, but do to a lower than expected tax return I was left with less founds than anticipated. So instead I did some searching around and found that used D5100 with low shutter counts were between 250 and 350. I found mine at 300$ with less than 1200 shots on it.

    So, nothing wrong with buying used or older cameras. So far all of my used cameras have worked well but there are things to look at. The big one is shutter count. 1200 is a really low shot count. I can shoot 1000 photos in a good weekend and low count cameras are out there. Think of all your relatives that buy a nice DSLR and use it only for a quick couple shots at the holidays and maybe a pee wee game. Eventually they get another one, sell the old one, with its low shutter count and that;s the deal to jump on. I'll do a full post next week on used DSLRs, prices, specs and what to look for when shopping. I'll post my usual update tomorrow night, thanks everyone!


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I am a 27 year old auto mechanic, writer, photographer and coffee roaster.


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